AirDrop:- DPGU Airdrop Race

🪧🚨DPGU Airdrop Race

🪙 Reward: 100 DPGU worth 💲50,000

🐼Winner. 100

🏆 Top 100, draw 20 winners. 100-200, draw 10 winners. 200-300, draw 10 winners. 58 users randomly selected to receive a DPGU

⏰End date. February 8 11:59:59 PM

➡️ Rules: Complete the mission

🐼Why it pays to own DPGU:

1. DPGU owners will have priority access (be on the whitelist) to VoiceStreet's IMOs

2. DPGU owners will benefit from random IMO's airdrops

3. DPGU owners hold the entry ticket to the game. Note: other players must obtain an invitation letter from DPGU owners to enter the game DPGU owners receive 5% of invitees' future income derived from playing the game.

🛒DPGU purchase address:

DPGU Binance NFT trading address.
DPGU Opensea Trading Address.

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